April’s fury

The month of April went out in a fury.  Most of the month saw perfect spring-like weather with lots of sunshine and ideal temperatures.

The Friday before the end of the month, a storm system blew through the area and stayed until the first of May.

Thunderstorms brought strong winds, hail, and occasional downpours along with lower temperatures.

On the first day of the storm, the sunset did not appear. The next day was another dreary day, and the sunset would probably be blocked by the grey skies.

We skipped the sunset and headed for a bite to eat at the restaurant next to the local marina.

While dining, we looked through the masts of the sailboats to see the sun peeking through the clouds. Within minutes, different shades of orange painted the entire sky.

Sunset at the marina

The vivid colors were a beautiful change from the drab cloudy skies.

When we left the restaurant, the orange sky began to fade. We headed to the beach to catch the remnants of the sunlight.

After the sunset

When we arrived at the beach, the waves from the gulf roared onto the shore. The darkness appeared to be eating the remainder of the sunset. But the reflections of the sunset could still be seen on the water’s edge.

Yet, it was calm.

Nothing is better than seeing a sunset after a dreary rainy day. Try it sometime.

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