Untraditional Thanksgiving

Most people celebrate the holidays with their families and friends.   I recall the days when the entire family would travel to the family’s homestead for a feast meant for kings.  

Long gone are the days of the huge family gatherings due to the distances and the passage of time. Every year, my family celebrates the day with a traditional feast.

But this year, there would not be the traditional  day of feast for us. My family traveled across the country to spend the holiday with other family members..

Instead, my partner and I hopped on a sailboat to celebrate the holiday. Once we reached our destination, the anchor was dropped and the grill was fired up to cook our feast.   All of the ingredients were prepared at home to be grill ready.  

Right before the sunset  from the sailboat

Very few other boats were out, so it was very peaceful on the water. While waiting for our feast to finish, I was enjoying the fact that we were sitting on the sailboat for Thanksgiving. I nearly forgot about the sunset.

Sunset from the sailboat

Minutes later, our feast was ready. As we ate, dolphins swam by about 6 feet behind the stern and then down the starboard side. It was the most untraditional Thanksgiving.

We decided to start a new tradition.

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