Moonset and a flower

On this particular morning, the moon was due to set 15 minutes before the sunrise.  This was a worthy reason to get out of bed.

So just before dawn, I walked outside to head to the beach.  First thing, I find a beautiful blooming flower from the cereus cactus.  

Cereus cactus with flower bloom

The middle of the brilliant white petals was filled with lime green filaments and sparkly anthers, these stamans also disguised the pistil.  The sepals or green outer petals were starting to close.

I  snapped a few pictures since I knew before I returned, the flower would be completely closed.  The cereus cactus flower only blooms at night.

As I walked to the beach, there was not any signs of the full moon in the sky.  Only the pre-dawn gray tint filled the skies above.

It wasn’t until  I crossed the bridge to the shore that the bright neon orb appeared before me just above the horizon.

The beginning of the moonset

Soon the moon touched the horizon, and it started to melt into the gulf, just like a scoop of ice cream on a plate.

The melting moon

Within two minutes,  the moon had melted away,

The early morning walk was well worth the trip.

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