Sunset 4 years today

Sunset from 2018 on January 25

The sunset of four years today as the sun touches the horizon.

The sun’s reflection displays vividly on the edge of the surf while a dotted line is painted in the water towards the beach. All this as a sailboat drifts by at a distance.

After the sunset in 2018 on January 25

Fours years ago, after the sun dropped below the horizon, the bright orange colors and the relections diminish.

Right now it’s an unusual cold day in the subtropical state of Florida on the 25th day of the first month of the year 2022. Below normal temperatures with cloud covered skies are producing rain showers with little chance of sunshine. 

While trying to stay warm, wrapped in my warm crocheted blanket, I reviewed my photo archives to bring some sun and warmth into my life. 

I discovered these beautiful sunset pictures taken four years ago today. Both images presented some moments of sun and warmth on this cold and dreary day.

Maybe today for you, some sun and warmth will fill a few moments of your day as these pictures have filled mine.

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